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  • Antoine

    I was a working man, yet I felt that there was something missing inside. And I knew that nothing could fill that void. When I was young, I was abused

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  • Fred

    In 2012, when I came to PGM, I had lost everything. Feeling completely lost in my life due to drug use and being irresponsible, I found myself in many undesirable

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  • Linda

    Well, I am going to begin with this, To God be the Glory! On December 6, 2006, I came to Gospel League Home lost, hopeless, and without direction because I

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  • Pastor Ervin McNeill

    In 1979, I was a mess, confused, lost, and struggling with drug addiction. I couldn’t get my life back. I was lost. My addictions and poor choices had left me

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  • Pastor Sampson Green

    I came to believe on the Lord in 1995. I had been involved in one of the largest gangs in the city of Chicago for twenty-five years. Using and selling

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  • Samantha

    I was already saved when I joined the Bible program, but there were some things that I didn’t know about like how to dress, being accepted by my peers (trying

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  • Donna

    In 2013, I lost my job and found myself helpless, hopeless, and homeless. I didn’t have anywhere to go. A prior employer told me about PGM. I set a date

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  • Theresa

    I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have been saved since I was a child and have always been involved in church and church activities. But, I was

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  • Philip

    My whole life I felt out of place. As a child, I saw drugs around the house and watched my mother get physically abused on a regular basis. When I

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June Statistics

  • 895

    daily average of homeless sleeping overnight

  • 2,043

    daily meals served

  • 103

    persons who professed faith in Christ

  • 104

    men and women in the Bible Program

A message from President Philip Kwiatkowski



Our country is headed in a direction that only revival can cure. There is a war going on in our city streets, and many of these casualties end up here at Pacific Garden Mission... read more